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Professor Joćo Manuel R. S. Tavares
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  International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics ( IJBB )
This is an International peer review journal operated under Open Access Policy.
International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB)
Volume: 8   Issue: 3
Paper Submission: September 10, 2014
Author Notification: October 5, 2014
Issue Publication: October 2014
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The realm of International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB) extends, but not limited, to the following:
Bio-ontology and data mining
Bioinformatic databases
Biomedical image processing (fusion)
Biomedical image processing (registration)
Biomedical image processing (segmentation)
Biomedical modelling and computer simulation
Computational genomics
Computational intelligence
Computational proteomics
Computational structural biology
Data visualisation
DNA assembly, clustering, and mapping
Fuzzy logic
Gene expression and microarrays
Gene identification and annotation
Genetic algorithms
Hidden Markov models
High performance computing
Molecular evolution and phylogeny
Molecular modelling and simulation
Molecular sequence analysis
Neural networks

CSC Journals is in process of appointing Editorial Board Members for International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB). CSC Journals would like to invite interested candidates to join IJBB network of professionals/researchers for the positions of Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members and Reviewers.

The invitation encourages interested professionals to contribute into CSC research network by joining as a part of editorial board members and reviewers for scientific peer-reviewed journals. All journals use an online, electronic submission process. The Editor is responsible for the timely and substantive output of the journal, including the solicitation of manuscripts, supervision of the peer review process and the final selection of articles for publication. Responsibilities also include implementing the journal’s editorial policies, maintaining high professional standards for published content, ensuring the integrity of the journal, guiding manuscripts through the review process, overseeing revisions, and planning special issues along with the editorial team.

A complete list of journals can be found at Here Interested candidates may apply for the following positions through

Please remember that it is through the effort of volunteers such as yourself that CSC Journals continues to grow and flourish. Your help with reviewing the issues written by prospective authors would be very much appreciated.

For further details, please contact us at if you have any queries.

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