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Image Thumbnail with Blur and Noise Information to Improve Browsing Experience
Full text
Advances in Multimedia - An International Journal (AMIJ)
Table of Contents
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Volume:  2    Issue:  3
Pages:  NULL
Publication Date:   November / December 2011
ISSN (Online): 2180-1223
39 - 48
Haidi Ibrahim - Malaysia
Published Date   
CSC Journals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keywords   Abstract   References   Cited by   Related Articles   Collaborative Colleague
KEYWORDS:   Image Thumbnail, Image Down-sample, Image Decimation, Digital Image Processing, Image Browsing 
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Image thumbnail is used by many state-of-the-art consumer electronic products, such as digital camera, smart phone, and camcorder. Image thumbnail, which is a smaller image version of the original image, helps the user to inspect the general objects’ composition contained in the acquired image. However, it is difficult to embed blur information inside the thumbnail, which will improve significantly the user’s satisfaction in taking pictures. Therefore, in this paper, a new method to embed blur information inside the thumbnail is proposed. This method uses two small images, which are the directly down-sampled image, and the smoothed version of it. This method is simple to be implemented and its sensitivity towards blur and noise can be adjusted. 
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