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Evaluation of Heat Transfer Shear of Different Mechanisms in Flow Subcooled Nucleate Boiling
Full text
International Journal of Engineering (IJE)
Table of Contents
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Volume:  4    Issue:  1
Pages:  1-104
Publication Date:   March 2010
ISSN (Online): 1985-2312
37 - 43
Published Date   
CSC Journals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keywords   Abstract   References   Cited by   Related Articles   Collaborative Colleague
KEYWORDS:   Nucleate Boiling, Heat Transfer, Quenching, Turbulence, Bubble 
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Since the mean characteristic of nucleate boiling is bubble formation and collapse near the heating surface, in this study attempts have been made to investigate heat transfer effects due to the bubbles ebullition and collapse cycle. All possible heat transfer mechanisms are studied qualitatively and quantitatively. For quantitative calculation of the heat transfer portion by each of the introduced mechanisms, a series of bubble parameters was selected from the experimental data provided by the high-speed photography of a heated rod containing nucleate boiling regime on its surface. According to the present results, the portion of the mechanisms such as latent heat transfer, super heated layer mixing and single-phase heat transfer are between 6~15%, 12~17%, and 3~5%, respectively. The results also show that the two mechanisms of the turbulence induced by the bubble formation and collapse and quenching have the main performance in transferring heat from the heating surface to the bulk flow. The shared percentage of these two mechanisms is estimated between 23~58.5% and 20.5~40% respectively. 
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Mohammadreza Nematollahi : Colleagues
Mohammad Nazififard : Colleagues  
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