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Developing 3D Viewing Model from 2D Stereo Pair with its Occlusion Ratio
Full text
International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP)
Table of Contents
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Volume:  4    Issue:  3
Pages:  192-286
Publication Date:   July 2010
ISSN (Online): 1985-2304
251 - 262
Published Date   
CSC Journals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keywords   Abstract   References   Cited by   Related Articles   Collaborative Colleague
KEYWORDS:    3D model, Stereo Pair, Depth Perception, Parallax Method, Occlusion, Disparity Map 
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We intend to make a 3D model using a stereo pair of images by using a novel method of local matching in pixel domain for calculating horizontal disparities. We also find the occlusion ratio using the stereo pair followed by the use of The Edge Detection and Image SegmentatiON (EDISON) system, on one the images, which provides a complete toolbox for discontinuity preserving filtering, segmentation and edge detection. Instead of assigning a disparity value to each pixel, a disparity plane is assigned to each segment. We then warp the segment disparities to the original image to get our final 3D viewing Model. 
1 Andreas Klaus, Mario Sormann and Konrad Karner : Segment Based Stereo Matching using Belief Propagation and Self Adapting Dissimilarity Measure, VRVis Research Center, 8010 Graz, Austria, 2006.
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10 D. Comaniciu and P. Meer. Mean shift analysis and applications. In 7th international Conference on computer vision, Kerkyra, Greece, September 1999.
Himanshu Johari : Colleagues
Vishal Kaushik : Colleagues
Pawan Kumar Upadhyay : Colleagues  
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