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Radiation, Chemical reaction, Double dispersion effects on Heat and mass transfer in Non-Newtonian fluids
Full text
International Journal of Engineering (IJE)
Table of Contents
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Volume:  4    Issue:  1
Pages:  1-104
Publication Date:   March 2010
ISSN (Online): 1985-2312
13 - 25
P.K.Kameswaran - India
A.S.N.Murti - India
T.Poorna Kantha - India
Published Date   
CSC Journals, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keywords   Abstract   References   Cited by   Related Articles   Collaborative Colleague
KEYWORDS:   Chemical reaction, Radiation, Double dispersion 
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Radiation and chemical reaction effects on heat and mass transfer in non-Darcy non-Newtonian fluid over a vertical surface is considered. In this article we have maintain the constant temperature. A mathematical model is developed taking into the account the new elements introduced. Numerical solutions for the governing nonlinear momemtum, energy and concentration are obtained.The governing boundary layer equations and boundary conditions are simplified by using similarity transformations. The governing equations are solved numerically by means of fourth-order Runge-Kutta method coupled with double-shooting technique. The influence of viscosity index , thermal and solute dispersion, velocity, temperature, concentration, Heat and mass transfer rates are discussed 
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P.K.Kameswaran : Colleagues
A.S.N.Murti : Colleagues
T.Poorna Kantha : Colleagues  
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