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International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics (IJBB)
An International peer-review journal operated under CSC-OpenAccess Policy.
Joao Manuel R. S. Tavares (University of Porto - Portugal)
ISSN - 1985-2347
Published - Bi-Monthly   |   Established - 2007   |   Year of Publication - 2018
Published by CSC Journals, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Dr. Shunzhou Yu
General Motors Global R&D Center - United States of America
Contact Details
Email - shunzhou.yu@gm.com
ECI Lab, 30500 Mound Road, Warren,Michigan,USA,48092
United States of America

ABOUT Dr. Shunzhou Yu

B.S(2000),M.S (2002) PhD (2007)from the School of Electrical and mechanical engineering in Harbin Institute of Technology, China, mainly focued on manufacturing and automation. From 2007 to September 2008, Senior control systems engineer in the Dalian MachineTool Group (DMTG),China. From 2008 to April 2011, postdoctoral fellow in the department of mechanical and Aerospace engineering in University of California at Davis, Currently working in the General Motors Global Research Center as a researcher, published 7 journal papers and 3 conference papers, issued one patent, and also reviewed 17 papers for 5 journals.IEEE Member