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September 30, 2019

October 31, 2019

November 30, 2019

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Professor Fiorella Sgallari
University of Bologna - Italy
Contact Details
Email - fiorella.sgallari@unibo.it
CIRAM-Dept. Mathematics Via Saragozza 8

ABOUT Professor Fiorella Sgallari

Professor F. Sgallari is full professor of Numerical Analysis in the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna. She is author of 100 publications, among which are 2 didactical books, 1 conference proceedings and 2 journal special issues. Fiorella Sgallari's research has concerned, in a first period, the study of numerical methods for approximation theory and image reconstruction from projections. Successively, she moved to study numerical methods for image processing and, in general, for the solution of discrete ill posed problems and the solution of very large linear and nonlinear systems. In the image processing field she has developed models and methods based on partial differential equations for multiscale image processing and echocardiographic image sequence processing.

 She was scientific coordinator of an industrial project with the most important Italian industry in biomedical instruments (ESAOTE-BRACCO). The researches on very large linear and nonlinear systems, sometimes ill-conditioned, has been done in collaboration with italian and foreign researchers and research centres, as Fondazioni G. Marconi and U. Bordoni.

She coordinated Bologna research group in the project MURST-cofin1999 "Numerical Analysis and mathematical software" and Prin-2004 "Numerical methods for large linear systems and application to evolutionary nonlinear equations". Moreover, she was the scientific coordinator of many CNR and GNCS-INDAM projects and of the Associate C.N.R. Centre on "Models and Mathematical Methods for Engineering and Applied Science" at Bologna University. She was scientific coordinator of a NATO project 'Efficient and robust computational methods for biomedical image analysis', and of a GNCS-GNAMPA-INDAM project on "Theoretical and computational aspects of inverse problems". She was in the team for the European project FRAFEM for 'Real-time software for the femoral neck fracture prediction' by models, discretized by finite elements methods, and realizing image denoising and segmentation of the low resolution images. She organized workshops and international conferences, as "Applied Inverse Problems: Theoretical and Computational Aspects" in 2001 (Italy) and Scale Space and Variational Methods - SSVM 07 in 2007 (Italy). She was a member of Scientific Committee of Scale Space 2005 (Germany)and Algoritmy 2005 (Slovakia). She was visiting professor and invited speaker in several national and international conferences and she is referee of several international journals as: Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Applied Numerical Mathematics, Journal Computing and Visualization in Science, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Inverse Problems, BIT, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering (IPSE). Moreover she is Associate Editor of the international journal "Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications" and "International Journal of Imaging". From November 2003 she joined the PhD Committee in Mathematics at Bologna University. From November 2006 she is Director of C. I. R. A. M., Research Centre of Applied Mathematics of Univerisity of Bologna.