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Incorporating Kalman Filter in the Optimization of Quantum Neural Network Parameters
Hayder Mahdi Abdulridha
Pages - 28 - 38     |    Revised - 15-03-2012     |    Published - 16-04-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - April 2012  Table of Contents
Quantum Neural Network, Extended Kalman filter, Training
Kalman filter have been used for the estimation of instantaneous states of linear dynamic systems. It is a good tool for inferring of missing information from noisy measurement. The quantum neural network is another approach to the merging of fuzzy logic with the neural network and that by the investment of quantum mechanics theory in building the structure of neural network. The gradient descent algorithm has been used, widely, in training the neural network, but the problem of local minima is one of the disadvantages of this algorithm. This paper presents an algorithm to train the quantum neural network by using the extended kalman filter.
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Dr. Hayder Mahdi Abdulridha
Babylon University - Iraq