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Multi-Modal Biometrics Human Verification Using LDA and DFB
Aloysius George
Pages - 1 - 10     |    Revised - 15-8-2008     |    Published - 15-11-2008
Volume - 2   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2008  Table of Contents
Biometrics, Multimodal, Face, Fingerprint, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Artificial Neural Network.
Biometrics is one of the recent trends in security, which is mainly used for verification and recognition systems. By using biometrics we confirm a person’s claimed identity based on particular person’s physiological or behavioral characteristics such as fingerprint, face or voice etc. This is the extension work of my previous two papers, which tries to overcome the difficulties of single modality. These limitations are addressed by multi-modal biometric verification system as explained in our previous paper. We have chosen existing methodologies like Facial and Finger Print verification modals, ANN to be combined for verification. In this we use Linear Discriminant analysis (LDA) for face recognition and Directional filter bank (DFB) for fingerprint matching. Based on experimental results, the proposed system can reduce FAR down to 0.0000121%, which proves that the proposed method overcomes the limitation of single biometric system and proves stable personal verification in real-time.
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Mr. Aloysius George
CEO/Griantek - India