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Evaluation The Performance of MAODV and AODV Protocols In VANETs Models
M. A. Al-Shabi
Pages - 1 - 12     |    Revised - 31-12-2019     |    Published - 01-02-2020
Volume - 14   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2020  Table of Contents
Wireless Network(VANETS), AODV Protocol, MAODV Protocol.
This paper to study, analyse the performance of multicast technology using the MAODV (Multicast On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol) in the VANETs (Vehicle Ad-Hoc Networks), this protocol using widely in MANETs (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network). The wireless nodes in the wireless vehicle networks are the same wireless devices, which are integrated with a sensor and designed specifically for the design of safety, privacy and security applications. Researchers are interested in developing and enhancing the number of service quality parameters (packets received, delay, productivity, node power consumption, etc.). The aim of this paper is to introduce and optimize VANETS multi-cast transmission technology to reduce delay, increase throughput and reduce packet loss. Although, presents an analytical study of the Enhanced Protocol (MAODV) Protocol (AODV) and compares it to AODV performance in VANETs.
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Associate Professor M. A. Al-Shabi
Department of Management Information System, College of Business Administration, Taibah University - Saudi Arabia
mshaby@taibahu.edu.sa , malshabi@gmail.com