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A Survey On Solid-State Drive Forensic Analysis Techniques
Avinash Kumar, Ashar Neyaz, Narasimha Karpoor Shashidhar
Pages - 13 - 21     |    Revised - 30-04-2020     |    Published - 01-06-2020
Volume - 14   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - June 2020  Table of Contents
Solid-state Drives (SSD), Digital Forensics, Flash Memory, SRAM, DRAM.
Solid-state drives (SSD) are predominantly being used as storage devices these days, which uses flash memory to store data. Most digital devices like desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones use SSDs. Unlike traditional hard drives, it is comparably harder to recover deleted data from SSDs, which consequently impacts digital investigations detrimentally. Digital forensic researchers have come up with several strategies to acquire evidence from solid-state drives while maintaining the integrity of the device. In this paper, we present the latest forensic techniques and ideas presented in the literature in the field of solid-state drive forensics.
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Mr. Avinash Kumar
Department of Computer Science, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville - United States of America
Mr. Ashar Neyaz
Department of Computer Science, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville - United States of America
Dr. Narasimha Karpoor Shashidhar
Department of Computer Science, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville - United States of America