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Detecting and Preventing Attacks Using Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Meera Gandhi, S.K.Srivatsa
Pages - 49 - 60     |    Revised - 15-02-2008     |    Published - 30-02-2008
Volume - 2   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2008  Table of Contents
intruders, information security, real time IDS, attacks, signature
Intrusion detection is an important technology in business sector as well as an active area of research. It is an important tool for information security. A Network Intrusion Detection System is used to monitor networks for attacks or intrusions and report these intrusions to the administrator in order to take evasive action. Today computers are part of networked; distributed systems that may span multiple buildings sometimes located thousands of miles apart. The network of such a system is a pathway for communication between the computers in the distributed system. The network is also a pathway for intrusion. This system is designed to detect and combat some common attacks on network systems. It follows the signature based IDs methodology for ascertaining attacks. A signature based IDS will monitor packets on the network and compare them against a database of signatures or attributes from known malicious threats. It has been implemented in VC++. In this system the attack log displays the list of attacks to the administrator for evasive action. This system works as an alert device in the event of attacks directed towards an entire network.
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Mr. Meera Gandhi
- India
Mr. S.K.Srivatsa
- India