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The Time Efficient Security for Broadcast Networks
Santosh L Deshpande1, N H Ayachit1, Kamaksi Prasad V2
Pages - 11 - 14     |    Revised - 15-4-2008     |    Published - 30-4-2008
Volume - 2   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - April 2008  Table of Contents
The audit ability and security of the broadcast network and security needs to be enhanced. This article is proposing the security solutions for such networks that are cost effective. The solution also takes care of the reduction of effective bandwidth-delay product. The improvement in terms of a cost effective comparator improves the efficiency and security of such networks. The threats like Eavesdropping, Interception and modification of transmitted data, Spoofing, Denial of service (DoS), Free–loading, and Accidental threats are some of the threats addressed in this article.
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1 H. S. Guruprasad and H. D. Maheshappa , Dynamic Load Balancing Architecture for Distributed VoD using Agent Technology, International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS), 2(5), pp. 13 22, 2008.
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Mr. Santosh L Deshpande1
SDM College of Engg. and Technology - India
Mr. N H Ayachit1
BVB College of Engg. and Technology - India
Mr. Kamaksi Prasad V2
JNT University - India