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Asking Users: A Continuous Evaluation on Systems in a Controlled Environment
Suziah Sulaiman, Dayang Rohaya Awang Rambli, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad, Halabi Hasbullah, Foong Oi Mean, M Nordin Zakaria, Goh Kim Nee, Siti Rokhmah M Shukri
Pages - 34 - 42     |    Revised - 20-02-2009     |    Published - 15-03-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2009  Table of Contents
usability, continuous improvement, decision making, evaluation
A continuous evaluation on the usability of an existing system is necessary in order to ensure users’ satisfaction when interacting with the system. Seeking users’ subjective opinions on the usability of a system could capture rich information and complement the respective quantitative data on how well the system is in supporting an intended activity. This paper presents a case study that identifies usability issues of the systems currently used in the main control room of an oil refinery plant. A set of survey questions was distributed to the control operators of the plant in which 31 operators responded. Results from the quantitative data suggest that in general respondents were pleased with the existing system. However, it could be claimed from the data that experienced operators are more concerned with the technical functionality while the lesser experienced are towards the usability of the system interface. The respondents’ subjective feedback provides evidences that strengthen the findings. The operators’ responses also revealed several issues especially on the system display, system design, trending, and information representation. The current working environment was also commented to affect the performance of the workers.
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Dr. Suziah Sulaiman
- Malaysia
Dr. Dayang Rohaya Awang Rambli
- Malaysia
Mr. Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad
- Malaysia
Mr. Halabi Hasbullah
- Malaysia
Mr. Foong Oi Mean
- Malaysia
Mr. M Nordin Zakaria
- Malaysia
Mr. Goh Kim Nee
- Malaysia
Dr. Siti Rokhmah M Shukri
- Malaysia