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Security Key Management Model for Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks
Pages - 192 - 201     |    Revised - 10-09-2014     |    Published - 10-10-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - September / October 2014  Table of Contents
LR-WPAN, Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network, IEEE 802.15.4, Network Security, Key Management System.
IEEE 802.15.4-based devices networks known by the name of LR-WPAN (Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network) are characterized by low computation, memory and storage space, and they do not possess an infrastructure. This makes them dynamic and easy to deploy, but in the other hand, this makes them very vulnerable to security issues, as they are low energy so they cant implement current security solutions, and they are deployed in non-secure environments that makes them susceptible to eavesdropping attacks. Most proposed solutions draw out the security of the bootstrapping and commissioning phases as the percentage of existing of an intruder in this time is very low. In this paper, we propose a security model for LR-WPANs based on symmetric cryptography, which takes into account securing the bootstrapping phase, with an analysis of the effectiveness of this proposal and the measures of its implementation.
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Faculty of Science and Technology of Tangier - Morocco
Associate Professor Said BOUCHKAREN
Laboratory of Technology of Information and Communication - Morocco
Laboratory of Informatics, Systems and Telecommunications - Morocco
Professor Mohammed BOUHORMA
Laboratory of Informatics, Systems and Telecommunications - Morocco