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Preliminary Labor Ergonomic Analysis Applied to a Brazilian Solid Materials Recycling Cooperative
Hebert Roberto da Silva
Pages - 1 - 8     |    Revised - 30-06-2017     |    Published - 01-12-2018
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - December 2018  Table of Contents
Human Factors, Solidarity Economy, Ergonomic Analysis.
The key to successfully develop a program to enhance safety and ergonomics in the workplace is an innovative process that aims to reduce workplace injury levels as well as minimize risks. This can be achieved by raising awareness and changing employees' behavior. Nowadays managers tend to strive for improved efficiency and productivity in all sectors. However, the growing demand for greater productivity has put the employees' health and well-being at great risk. Following another trend, the enterprise under study is based on the principles of solidarity economy that aims to guarantee self-management processes, focusing on the human health and wellbeing rather than financial profits. Based on the ergonomic questionnaire results and the follow-up of the co-workers' routine, some forms of improvement to accomplish their tasks were suggested.
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Dr. Hebert Roberto da Silva
School of Production Engineering Federal University of Uberlandia Ituiutaba, Zip Code 38304-402, Brazil - Brazil