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Video Key-Frame Extraction using Unsupervised Clustering and Mutual Comparison
Nitin J. Janwe, Kishor K. Bhoyar
Pages - 73 - 84     |    Revised - 31-05-2016     |    Published - 30-06-2016
Volume - 10   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - June 2016  Table of Contents
Key-frame Extraction, Semantic Concept Based Video Retrieval, HSV Histogram, GLCM Texture.
Key-frame extraction is one of the important steps in semantic concept based video indexing and retrieval and accuracy of video concept detection highly depends on the effectiveness of keyframe extraction method. Therefore, extracting key-frames efficiently and effectively from video shots is considered to be a very challenging research problem in video retrieval systems. One of many approaches to extract key-frames from a shot is to make use of unsupervised clustering. Depending on the salient content of the shot and results of clustering, key-frames can be extracted. But usually, because of the visual complexity and/or the content of the video shot, we tend to get near duplicate or repetitive key-frames having the same semantic content in the output and hence accuracy of key-frame extraction decreases. In an attempt to improve accuracy, we proposed a novel key-frame extraction method based on unsupervised clustering and mutual comparison where we assigned 70% weightage to color component (HSV histogram) and 30% to texture (GLCM), while computing a combined frame similarity index used for clustering. We suggested a mutual comparison of the key-frames extracted from the output of the clustering where each key-frame is compared with every other to remove near duplicate keyframes. The proposed algorithm is both computationally simple and able to detect non-redundant and unique key-frames for the shot and as a result improving concept detection rate. The efficiency and effectiveness are validated by open database videos.
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Mr. Nitin J. Janwe
Dept. of Information Technology, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, India - India
Dr. Kishor K. Bhoyar
Dept. of Information Technology, Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur, India - India