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Event-Handling Based Smart Video Surveillance System
Md.Hazrat Ali, Fadhlan Hafiz, A.A Shafie, Othman Khalifa
Pages - 24 - 34     |    Revised - 25-03-2010     |    Published - 31-03-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - March 2010  Table of Contents
Object detection, Visual surveillance, Object classification, Smart network
a broad range of applications. Moving object classification in the field of video surveillance is a key component of smart surveillance software. In this paper, we have proposed reliable software with its large features for people, vehicle and object classification which works well in challenging real-world constraints, including the presence of shadows, low resolution imagery, occlusion, perspective distortions, arbitrary camera viewpoints, and groups of people. We have discussed a generic model of smart video surveillance systems that can meet requirements of strong commercial applications and also shown the implication of the software for the security purposes which made the whole system as a smart network. Smart surveillance systems use automatic image understanding techniques to extract information from the surveillance data.
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Mr. Md.Hazrat Ali
IIUM - Malaysia
Dr. Fadhlan Hafiz
- Malaysia
Dr. A.A Shafie
- Malaysia
Othman Khalifa
- Malaysia