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Interferogram Filtering Using Gaussians Scale Mixtures in Steerable Wavelet Domain
Gh.S.El-Taweel , Ashraf. K. Helmy
Pages - 354 - 367     |    Revised - 30-08-2010     |    Published - 30-10-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - October 2010  Table of Contents
Phase Unwrapping, Interferogram, Gaussian scale mixtures
An interferogram filtering is presented in this paper. The main concern of the proposed scheme is to lower the residues count mean while preserving the location and jump height of the lines of phase discontinuity. The proposed method is based on a statistical model of the coefficients of multi-scale oriented basis. Neighborhoods of coefficients at adjacent positions and scales are modeled as the product of two independent random variables: a Gaussian vector and a hidden positive scalar multiplier. Under this model, the Bayesian least squares estimate of each coefficient reduces to a weighted average of the local linear estimates over all possible values of the hidden multiplier variable. The performance of this method substantially has the advantages of reducing number of residuals without affecting line of height discontinuity.
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Mr. Gh.S.El-Taweel
- Egypt
Mr. Ashraf. K. Helmy
- Egypt