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Blank Background Image Lossless Compression Technique
Samer Sawalha , Arafat Awajan
Pages - 9 - 16     |    Revised - 20-01-2014     |    Published - 11-02-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2014  Table of Contents
Image Compression, Blank Background Images, Histogram Based Thresholding, Background Detection, Object Detection.
This paper presents a new technique able to provide a very good compression ratio in preserving the quality of the important components of the image called main objects. It focuses on applications where the image is of large size and consists of an object or a set of objects on background such as identity photos. In these applications, the background of the objects is in general uniform and represents insignificant information for the application. The results of this new techniques show that is able to achieve an average compression ratio of 29% without any degradation of the quality of objects detected in the images. These results are better than the results obtained by the lossless techniques such as JPEG and TIF techniques.
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Mr. Samer Sawalha
Royal Scientific Society - Jordan
Dr. Arafat Awajan
Princess Sumaya University for Technology - Jordan