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Performance and Profit Evaluations of a Stochastic Model on Centrifuge System Working in Thermal Power Plant Considering Neglected Faults
Rajeev  Kumar, Pooja Bhatia
Pages - 10 - 18     |    Revised - 05-04-2013     |    Published - 30-04-2013
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - April 2013  Table of Contents
Centrifuge System, Neglected Faults, Mean Time to System Failure, Expected Uptime, Profit, Markov Process and Regenerative Point Technique.
The paper formulates a stochastic model for a single unit centrifuge system on the basis of the real data collected from the Thermal Power Plant, Panipat (Haryana). Various faults observed in the system are classified as minor, major and neglected faults wherein the occurrence of a minor fault leads to degradation whereas occurrence of a major fault leads to failure of the system. Neglected faults are taken as those faults that are neglected /delayed for repair during operation of the system until the system goes to complete failure such as vibration, abnormal sound, etc. However these faults may lead to failure of the system. There is assumed to be single repair team that on complete failure of the system, first inspects whether the fault is repairable or non repairable and accordingly carries out repairs/replacements. Various measures of system performance are obtained using Markov processes and regenerative point technique. Using these measures profit of the system is evaluated. The conclusions regarding the reliability and profit of the system are drawn on the basis of the graphical studies.
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Dr. Rajeev  Kumar
Mr. Pooja Bhatia