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International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM)
An International peer-review journal operated under CSC-OpenAccess Policy.
ISSN - 2180-2165
Published - Bi-Monthly   |   Established -    |   Year of Publication - 2020

May 31, 2021

June 30, 2021

July 31, 2021

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IJBRM - Editorial Board Member (EBM)

Dr. Eriona Shtembari
University of New York Tirana - Albania
Contact Details
Email - erionashtembari@unyt.edu.al

About Dr. Eriona Shtembari

Eriona SHTEMBARI, PhD, is a published author, Assistant Professor of Management, Expert of program quality assessment associated at Albanian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (ASCAL), with a demonstrated history of working in projects. Skilled in Business Planning & Development, Research and Project Management. Results driven business consultant, with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Management from University of Rome Tor Vergata/ Italy.

She was a European Commission Scholar (2007-2009), wherein from 2,000 applicants only 25 of them worldwide got selected.

PhD Shtembari has over 15 years of experience in public and private sector, varying from the Ministry of Economy to working with the World Bank, USAID, EU, and GIZ funded projects. She has been teaching since 2010, business courses for bachelor and master level, currently Head of Business Informatics & e-Business Department at University of New York Tirana (Albania).

She is a scholar and reviewer of European Academy of Management (EURAM), SAGE Journals, and other online academic writing and blinded reviewing groups. Her research interest is mainly focused on project management, organizational behavior, family business and human resources topics. She is author of two books, one published with the prestigious Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, and many other research papers.

Dr. Eriona Shtembari handles review of manuscripts that are submitted under the following topics.

  • Labor Relations & Human Resource Management
  • Business & Economics Education
  • Case Studies
  • General Management
  • Organizational Behavior & Theory
  • Virtual Communities and Business
  • Globalisation
  • Business and Systems