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Enhancement of Multi-Modal Biometric Authentication Based on IRIS and Brain Neuro Image Coding
T. Karthikeyan, B. Sabarigiri
Pages - 249 - 256     |    Revised - 01-11-2011     |    Published - 15-12-2011
Volume - 5   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - November / December 2011  Table of Contents
Electrodes, Electroencephalography (EEG), Neuro Image Coding, IRIS Patterns & Brain Waves, Signal Processing , Pattern Recognition
The proposed method describes the current forensics and biometrics in a modern approach and implements the concept of IRIS along with brain and resolves the issues and increases the strength of Digital Forensics Community. It has enormous features in biometrics to enhance diverse security levels. A new method to identify individuals using IRIS Patterns with the brain wave signals (EEG) is proposed. Several different algorithms were proposed for detecting, verifying and extracting the deterministic patterns in a person’s IRIS from the Eye. The extracted EEG recordings form the person\'s brain has proved to be unique. Next we combine EEG signals into the IRIS patterns a biometric application which makes use of future multi modal combination architecture. The proposed forensic research directions and argues that to move forward the community needs to adopt standardized, modular approaches for person identification. The result of each authentication test is compared with the user\'s pre-recorded measurements, using pattern recognition methods and signal-processing algorithms.
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Mr. T. Karthikeyan
- India
Mr. B. Sabarigiri
- India