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Dr. Michael Thomas Shrove
Millennium Corporation, Huntsville, United States of America
Software Defect Trend Forecasting In Open Source Projects using A Univariate ARIMA Model and FBProphet
International Journal of Software Engineering (IJSE), Volume-8, Issue-1, 2020.
Dr. Qinghan Xiao
Radar Electronic Warfare Section, Defence R&D Canada, Research Centre, Canada
Cognitive Electronic Warfare: Conceptual Design and Architecture
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems (IJAE), Volume-9, Issue-3, 2020.
Dr. Seema Sud
The Aerospace Corporation, United States of America
Suppression of Chirp Interferers in GPS Using the Fractional Fourier Transform
Signal Processing: An International Journal (SPIJ), Volume-13, Issue-1, 2020.
Associate Professor Dr. Narasimha Karpoor Shashidhar
Sam Houston State University, United States of America
iBaTs: Interactive Bash Shell Adaptive Tutoring System
International Journal of Security (IJS), Volume-11, Issue-1, 2020.


Dr. Matteo Cristofaro
University of Rome, Italy
Back to the Future: A Review and Editorial Agenda of the International Journal of Business Research and Management
International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM), Volume-12, Issue-1, 2021.
Mr. Rajasekhar Chaganti
Expediagroup Inc., United States of America
Editorial Board Member (EBM)
International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS)


Mr. Davide Calandra
Dipartimento di Management, Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy
Employing Value Chain Theory To Address COVID-19 Outbreak In Tourism Management: A Resilience and Stakeholder View
International Journal of Business Research and Management (IJBRM), Volume-11, Issue-3, 2020.
Dr. Mfazo Cliford Madondo
School of Management, IT and Governance, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
A Contextual View of Entrepreneurship Post-COVID-19 In South Africa
Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Change and Digital technology in post- COVID-19 New Business World (SIBRM1), 2021.
Miss Zina abdulrahman
Department of Software Engineering, Koya University, Koy sinjaq, 44023, Iraq
Combining Approximate String Matching Algorithms and Term Frequency In The Detection of Plagiarism
International Journal of Computer Science and Security (IJCSS), Volume-15, Issue-4, 2021.