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Integrating - VPN and IDS - An Approach to Networks Security.
Yudhvir Singh, Yogesh Chaba, Prabha Rani
Pages - 1 - 13     |    Revised - 15-10-2007     |    Published - 30-10-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - October 2007  Table of Contents
Integrating security devices, IPSecVPN, Intrusion Detection Systems
The Internet and recent global cyber terrorism have fundamentally changed the way organizations approach security. Recent worm and virus incidents such as Code Red, Nimda, and the Slammer worm have heightened security awareness. Also, numerous other threats have emerged recently that are particularly troublesome. Hence some solution must be provided to encounter the new generation of complex threats. Building up this solution requires the Integration of different security devices. Also system administrators, under the burden of rapidly increasing network activity, need the ability to rapidly understand what is happening on their networks. Hence Correlation of security events provide Security Engineers a better understanding of what is happening for enhanced security situational awareness. Visualization leverages human cognitive abilities and promotes quick mental connections between events that otherwise may be obscured in the volume of IDS alert messages. Keeping all these points in mind we have chosen to integrate VPN and IDS to provide an efficient solution for security engineers.
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Mr. Yudhvir Singh
- India
Dr. Yogesh Chaba
- India
Mr. Prabha Rani
- India