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Simple Encryption/Decryption Application.
Majdi Al-qdah, Lin Yi Hui
Pages - 33 - 40     |    Revised - 15-06-2007     |    Published - 30-06-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - June 2007  Table of Contents
Encryption, Decryption, Rotation, XOR
This paper presents an Encryption/Decryption application that is able to work with any type of file; for example: image files, data files, documentation files…etc. The method of encryption is simple enough yet powerful enough to fit the needs of students and staff in a small institution. The application uses simple key generation method of random number generation and combination. The final encryption is a binary one performed through rotation of bits and XOR operation applied on each block of data in any file using a symmetric decimal key. The key generation and Encryption are all done by the system itself after clicking the encryption button with transparency to the user. The same encryption key is also used to decrypt the encrypted binary file.
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Dr. Majdi Al-qdah
- Malaysia
Mr. Lin Yi Hui
Faculty of Information Technology - Malaysia