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Cryptographic Algorithms For Secure Data Communication
Peter Zirra, Gregory Wajiga
Pages - 227 - 243     |    Revised - 01-05-2011     |    Published - 31-05-2011
Volume - 5   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - May / June 2011  Table of Contents
Cryptographic Algorithm, Asymmetric key, Nonlinear System
Personal privacy is of utmost importance in the global networked world. One of the best tools to help people safeguard their personal information is the use of cryptography. In this paper we present new cryptographic algorithms that employ the use of asymmetric keys. The proposed algorithms encipher message into nonlinear equations using public key and decipher by the intended party using private key. If a third party intercepted the message, it will be difficult to decipher it due to the multilevel ciphers of the proposed application.
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Mr. Peter Zirra
- Nigeria
Professor Gregory Wajiga
- Nigeria