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Soft Decision Scheme for Multiple Descriptions Coding over Rician Fading Channels
Abdulkarem Hussein Almawgani, Mohd Fadzli Mohd
Pages - 12 - 16     |    Revised - 20-02-2009     |    Published - 15-03-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2009  Table of Contents
Multiple Descriptions Coding, Rician fading channel, Image transmission
This paper presents a new MDC scheme for robust wireless data communications. The soft detection making of the MDC scheme utilises the statistical received data error obtained from channel decoding. The coded bit stream in the system is protected using either the Reed Solomon (RS) or Low Density Parity Check Codes (LDPC) channel coding scheme. Simulation results show that this system has some significant performance improvements over the single description or single channel transmission systems in terms of symbol error rate and peak signal-to-noise ratio PSNR. The system with RS codes is 2 to 5 dB better than single description. The system with LDPC channel codes is 6 to10 dB better than the single description.
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Mr. Abdulkarem Hussein Almawgani
- Malaysia
Mr. Mohd Fadzli Mohd
USM - Malaysia