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Novel Approach for Image Restoration and Transmission
Rabab Abdul Rasool
Pages - 220 - 224     |    Revised - 10-07-2014     |    Published - 10-08-2014
Volume - 8   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - September / October 2014  Table of Contents
DFT, Conjugate Symmetry, Mirror, One to one.
This paper develops a new technique in image restoration and transmission process, where the image size is halved after transforming it to the frequency domain by applying discrete Fourier transform. The conjugate symmetry and mirror property of transformed image spectrums could be utilized by deleting the redundant spectrums from second half image after tracking and keeping the conjugated locations. Those redundant locations are kept using one- to- one relationship. Depending on the halving procedure, the new image size will be divided by two. A reconstructed procedure is created to redistribute the deleted spectrum with their associated locations. The reconstructed image is ready now for restoring again by applying the inverse discrete Fourier transform back to the spatial domain. The restored image is qualified using Peak Signal to Noise Ratio measurement and the result was very satisfied. The advantages of this technique appear in the storage cost, where the memory locations will be reduced to the half. Also, from communication side, this work approved that the image transmission time needs to transmit the halved image is half of the original one.
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Miss Rabab Abdul Rasool
Computer and Software Engineering Al-Mustansirya University Baghdad, Iraq - Iraq