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Fuzzy Optimization for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: a Bottom-up Cross-layer Approach
Xinsheng Xia, Qilian Liang
Pages - 1 - 13     |    Revised - 31-03-2011     |    Published - 04-04-2011
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Volume - 0   Issue - 0    |    Publication Date - 1st Quarter of 2011  Table of Contents
Cross-layer Design, Fuzzy Logic System, Mobile
In this paper, we introduce a new method for cross-layer design in mobile ad hoc networks. We use fuzzy logic system (FLS) to coordinate physical layer, data-link layer and application layer for cross-layer design. Ground speed, average delay and packets successful transmission ratio are selected as antecedents for the FLS. The output of FLS provides adjusting factors for the AMC (Adaptive Modulation and Coding), transmission power, retransmission times and rate control decision. Simulation results show that our cross-layer design can reduce the average delay, increase the throughput and extend the network lifetime. The network performance parameters could also keep stable after the cross-layer optimization.
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Dr. Xinsheng Xia
- United States of America
Mr. Qilian Liang
- United States of America