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Multi-Target Classification Using Acoustic Signatures in Wireless Sensor Networks: A survey
Ahmad, Ala Al-Fuqaha
Pages - 175 - 200     |    Revised - 30-08-2010     |    Published - 30-10-2010
Volume - 4   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - October 2010  Table of Contents
Signal classification, Feature extraction, Distributed sensors, Sensor fusion.
Classification of ground vehicles based on acoustic signals using wireless sensor networks is a crucial task in many applications such as battlefield surveillance, border monitoring, and traffic control. Different signal processing algorithms and techniques that are used in classification of ground moving vehicles in wireless sensor networks are surveyed in this paper. Feature extraction techniques and classifiers are discussed for single and multiple vehicles based on acoustic signals. This paper divides the corresponding literature into three main areas: feature extraction, classification techniques, and collaboration and information fusion techniques. The open research issues in these areas are also pointed out in this paper. This paper evaluates five different classifiers using two different feature extraction methods. The first one is based on the spectrum analysis and the other one is based on wavelet packet transform.
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Dr. Ahmad
- Jordan
Associate Professor Ala Al-Fuqaha
- United States of America