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International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Robotics (IJRA)
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ISSN - 2180-1312
Published - Bi-Monthly   |   Established -    |   Year of Publication - 2020

Septembet 30, 2020

October 31, 2020

November 30, 2020

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Professor Chen-Yuan Chen
National Pingtung University of Education - Taiwan
Contact Details
Email - cyc@mail.npue.edu.tw
Department of Computer Science, National Pingtung University of Education, No. 4-18, Ming Shen Rd., Pingtung 90003, Taiwan

ABOUT Professor Chen-Yuan Chen

Chen-Yuan Chen is currently a Professor at the Department of Computer Science, National Pingtung University of Education. He was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C., in 1977. He received his B.E. degree from NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 1999, followed by M.E. in 2001 and Ph.D. in 2006 from NSYSU. From 2003, he taught at Yung-Ta Institute of Technology and Commerce. In 2009, he joined the faculty of National Pingtung University of Education. His research and teaching interests are in the area of applications of artificial intelligence, information technology, risk analysis & management, logistics, decision support, simulation optimization, GIS & RS, and system control for engineering, internal solitary waves, fluid dynamics, geophysical fluid dynamics, theoretical physical oceanography, internal solitary waves, robustness design, balanced scorecard, logistic regression model, spatial heterogeneity, TLP system, RBF neural networks, intelligent robot, humanoid robot, radio frequency identification, multimedia assisted instruction, knowledge management, virtual reality environment, natural hazards, synergy analysis, information management system, remote sensing, surveillance robot, optimal control, embedded systems, ship maneuver patterns, and management problem solving. His publications to date include more than 100 SCI/SSCI papers that have appeared in leading technical journals such as in Ocean Engineering, Advances in Water Science, Engineering Computations, Journal of Vibration and Control, International Journal of the Physical Sciences, Scientific Research and Essays, Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Educational Research Reviews, Physics Procedia, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, International Journal of Education Administration and Policy Studies, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Journal of Marine Science and Technology, Expert Systems with Applications, International Journal of Fuzzy Systems, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools, African Journal of Business Management, International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control, Tourism Management, Applied Soft Computing, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, Natural Hazards, and Structural Engineering and Mechanics.