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Simulating The Air-Condition Controlling In Operating Room And Improvement
Freshteh Mohammadi
Pages - 60 - 69     |    Revised - 15-05-2012     |    Published - 20-06-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - June 2012  Table of Contents
Expert Systems, Operating Room Control, Fuzzy Controller
In this study we have tried necessary condition and suitable for air balance and temperature in the operating room, using a fuzzy expert controller system and thermal cameras are designed. Condition for implementation and simulation of this system has been studied to see if it can be true or not performed in hospitals. This is a completely new method, all the operating room by a fuzzy controller with thermal picture environment has been properly balanced to ventilation system work properly. Therefore, the operating room is simulated using MATLAB software so fuzzy control system is supposed to be shown the benefits of this control system. Input parameters of the system are important factors in determining the balance temperature and ambient temperature. The publication of these parameters is considered as an output parameter. By the expert system, an account statement with the membership functions for input parameters were defined. After classification of ventilation systems and related information, using a concept designed interface that with MATLAB software has been simulated, transferred to the computer and also whole system operation in the operating room during hundred minutes is shown. The results revealed by this controller showed that in terms of economic and reliability and other has more advantages than the previous single-phase system.
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Mr. Freshteh Mohammadi
university of shiraz - Iran