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Fast Complex Gabor Wavelet Based Palmprint Authentication
Jyoti Malik, Ratna Dahiya, G Sainarayanan
Pages - 283 - 297     |    Revised - 01-07-2011     |    Published - 05-08-2011
Volume - 5   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - July / August 2011  Table of Contents
Palmprint Authentication, Similarity Measurement, Sliding Window Method, Complex Gabor Wavelet
A biometric system is a pattern recognition system that recognizes a person on the basis of the physiological or behavioural characteristics that the person possesses. There is increasing interest of researchers in the development of fast and accurate personal recognition systems. In this paper, Sliding window method is used to make the system fast by reducing the matching time. The reduction in computation time indirectly reduces the overall comparison time that makes the system fast. Here, 2-D Complex Gabor Wavelet method is used to extract features from palmprint. The extracted features are stored in a feature vector and matched by hamming distance similarity measurement using sliding window approach. Reduction of 74.12% and 90.32% in comparison time is achieved using Sliding window methods. The improvement in time and accuracy as indicated by experimental results makes a system rapid and accurate.
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Professor Jyoti Malik
National Institute of Technology - India
Dr. Ratna Dahiya
- India
Dr. G Sainarayanan
- India