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Computer Science Journals (CSC Journals) offer several opportunities for partnerships and corporate tie-ups at both individual and organizational levels. Like open access publications, CSC Journals is an open access platform with which everyone can collaborate from authors, editors, readers to societies, librarians, book sellers and conference organizers. Our office and editorial team is always willing to work and collaborate to promote open access publications and to measure, monitor and maximize the visibility and impact of quality research through joint ventures.


Being appreciated for keeping its promise of EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND SERVICES and a true disseminator of modern scientific research, CSC Journals provide one of the strongest International open access platform for research communities; yet Conference Partnership Program (CPP) is another outstanding service of this chain.

CPP provide conference organizers a privileged platform for publishing extended conference papers as journal publications. CPP is deliberated to disseminate scientific research and to establish long term International collaborations and partnerships with academic communities and conference organizers.

CPP service can be used as a powerful means to increase value of the research work presented in conference proceedings by adding International reputation of CSC Journals. Being a value added service CPP is a step towards increasing the collaboration and coordination between conference organizers, conference participants and publisher.

CPP service benefits its partners by providing them International exposure and recognition. Best papers presented in conference proceedings are given full fee waiver. Papers selected for publication are published under open access policy of CSC Journals and are abstracted and indexed in renowned academic databases.

CPP invite conference organizers from diversified areas of research ranging from bioinformatics, computer sciences, image processing, engineering to applied sciences and business management research. CPP service is available for all of Journals published under open access policy. Please refer to CSC-OpenAccess Library for complete list of journals.

Conference Partner Benefits

International Promotion - By exchanging conference/ journal information we encourage our International visitors to participate in your conference; thus increasing the possibility of increased submissions in your conference proceedings.

Best Papers - Our Journals publish best selected research papers of the conference free of cost.

Call For Conference - CSC Journals provide excellent platform to share Call for Conference through www.cscjournals.org.

Abstracting & Indexing - Ensuring the wide dissemination of published papers through extensive abstracting and indexing is essence of CSC Journals that guarantee that all published research papers are shared through academic databases and platforms to increase its visibility, readership, citations and academic value of the research.

Open Access - We ensure that all published papers will be freely and permanently available since all papers will be published under CSC-OpenAccess publication policy.


As more conference partners and authors are embracing the vision of this program, CSC Journals announced the Partnership Program Tracks to unite and strengthen two way process that shared a common mission of serving authors and researchers. CPP tracks are carefully designed to cover the conferences that are organized under general or specific research areas.

Special Issue CPP Track

  • The selected journal launches a special issue solely for one specific conference.
  • CPP collaboration can be made for a specific conference track or to cover the whole conference. The conference organizers ensure that there will be no other journal covering the conference or the particular conference track and only CSC Journals will have the right to publish the extended papers/best papers of the conference or a particular track.
  • To minimize publishing time, conference organizers will provide the review comments of the best/selected papers and a short statement from primary author of the manuscript highlighting the additional research contributions made for conference-to-journal publication.
  • The journal will accomodate the publication of first EIGHT(8) papers with 100% waiver on Article Processing Charges (APC).
  • For additional papers, a discount of 75% on APC is offered making it a total of $50 for each paper publication.

Routine Publication CPP Track

  • Only THREE(3) best papers will be published in ongoing/upcoming routined issue of the selected journal.
  • No special issue will be organized to cover the conference papers.
  • The journal will accommodate the publication of first THREE(3) papers with 100% waiver on Article Processing Charges (APC).
  • For additional papers, a discount of 50% on APC is offered making it a total of $100 for each paper publication.


Following are the policies/rules for Conference Partner Ship Program (CPP).

  • CPP allow one conference to be partnered with one journal only.
  • Both parties will place the conference/journal links or information on their websites to officially highlight and promote the collaboration.
  • Conference organizers will provide the proof of the papers selected as Best Conference Papers along with review comments and statement from authors highlighting the additional research contributions made for conference-to-journal publication.
  • The publication also require manuscript publishing rights form from primary author in compliance to Open Access publications.
  • The journal editorial board reserves the right to reject the paper if the research quality and contributions are not up to the conference-to-journal publication standards set by journal editorial board.

Interested professors, scientists, research organizations, colleges, universities and conference organizers may contact CSC Coordinator at coordinator@cscjournals.org for possible partnership with CSC Journals.



Conference special issue can be organized to cover conference as a whole or specifically for one track. For more details, please refer to Launch Special Issue page.

To register your special issue, please refer to the link below:
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With group of authors and students interested to publish in bulk, we invite them to organize special issue with discounted publications.
Those who subscribe our journals, we wave-off publication fee for 1 paper. For more details, please refer to Discounted Subscriptions for Authors.

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Researchers who are interested to participate and support peer-review collaborate with us as journals editors and reviewers while enjoying many research benefits.

For more details, please refer to Editors & Reviewers page.

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Book sellers enjoy great commission while working closely with our team to promote our journals to universities across the world.

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