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Comparative Calibration Method Between two Different Wavelengths With Aureole Observations at Relatively Long Wavelength
Kohei Arai, Xing Ming Liang
Pages - 93 - 101     |    Revised - 01-07-2011     |    Published - 05-08-2011
Volume - 2   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - July / August 2011  Table of Contents
Sunphotometer, Calibration, Langley Method, Modified Langley Method, Aureole, Optical Depth
A multi-stage method for calibration of sunphotometer is proposed by combining comparison calibration method between two different wavelengths with aureole observation method for long wavelength calibration. Its effectiveness in reducing the influences for calibration due to molecular and aerosolfs extinction in the unstable turbidity conditions is clarified. By comparing the calculated results with the proposed method and the existing individually calibration method, it is found that the proposed method is superior to the existing method in terms of calibration accuracy. Namely, Through a comparison between ILM and the proposed method using band 0.87um as reference, the largest calibration errors are 0.0014, 0.0428 by PM are lower than that by ILM (0.011,0.0489) for sky radiances with no error and -3~+3%, -5~+5% errors. By analyzing the observation data of 15 days with POM-1 Skyradiometer, the largest standard deviation of calibration constants by PM is 0.02016, and is lower than that by ILM (0.03858).
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Professor Kohei Arai
Saga University - Japan
Dr. Xing Ming Liang
- Japan