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Reducing Process-Time for Fingerprint Identification System
Chander Kant, Rajender Nath
Pages - 1 - 9     |    Revised - 20-02-2009     |    Published - 15-03-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2009  Table of Contents
Biometrics identification, verification , minutiae points , singular points
Fingerprints are the most widely used biometric feature for person identification and verification in the field of biometric identification. Fingerprints possess two main types of features that are used for automatic fingerprint identification and verification: (i) Ridge and furrow structure that forms a special pattern in the central region of the fingerprint and (ii) Minutiae details associated with the local ridge and furrow structure. In a traditional biometric recognition system, the biometric template is usually stored on a central server during enrollment. The candidate biometric template captured by the biometric device is sent to the server where the processing and matching steps are performed. This paper presents an approach to speed up the matching process by classifying the fingerprint pattern into different groups at the time of enrollment, and improves fingerprint matching while matching the input template with stored template. To solve the problem, we take several aspects into consideration like classification of fingerprint, singular points. The algorithm result indicates that this approach manages to speed up the matching effectively, and therefore prove to be suitable for large database like forensic divisions.
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Mr. Chander Kant
K.U. Kurukshetra - India
Dr. Rajender Nath
K.U. Kurukshetra - India