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Design and Development of a Malayalam to English Translator- A Transfer Based Approach
Latha R Nair, David Peter S , Renjith Ravindran
Pages - 1 - 11     |    Revised - 15-03-2012     |    Published - 16-04-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - October 2012  Table of Contents
Machine Translation, Morphological Parser, Transfer Based Approach
This paper describes a transfer based scheme for translating Malayalam, a Dravidian language, to English. This system inputs Malayalam sentences and outputs equivalent English sentences. The system comprises of a preprocessor for splitting the compound words, a morphological parser for context disambiguation and chunking, a syntactic structure transfer module and a bilingual dictionary. All the modules are morpheme based to reduce dictionary size. The system does not rely on a stochastic approach and it is based on a rule-based architecture along with various linguistic knowledge components of both Malayalam and English. The system uses two sets of rules: rules for Malayalam morphology and rules for syntactic structure transfer from Malayalam to English. The system is designed using artificial intelligence techniques.
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Mr. Latha R Nair
Cochin University of Science and Technology - India
Mr. David Peter S
- India
Mr. Renjith Ravindran
Cochin University - India

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