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Dictionary Entries for Bangla Consonant Ended Roots in Universal Networking Language
Mohammad Zakir Hossain Sarker, Md. Nawab Yousuf Ali , Jugal Krishna Das
Pages - 79 - 87     |    Revised - 15-09-2012     |    Published - 25-10-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - October 2012  Table of Contents
Universal Networking Language, Verb Root, Consonant Ended Verb Root, Vowel Ended Verb Root, Dictionary Entry, Verbal Inflections
The Universal Networking Language (UNL) deals with the communication across nations of different languages and involves with many different related discipline such as linguistics, epistemology, computer science etc. It helps to overcome the language barrier among people of different nations to solve problems emerging from current globalization trends and geopolitical interdependence. We are working to include Bangla language in the UNL system so that Bangla language can be converted to UNL expressions. As a part of this process currently we are working on Bangla Consonant Ended Verb Roots and trying to develop lexical or dictionary entries for the Consonant Ended Verb Roots. In this paper, we have presented our work by describing Bangla verb, Verb root, Verbal Inflections and then finally showed the dictionary entries for the consonant ended roots.
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Mr. Mohammad Zakir Hossain Sarker
Jahangirnagar University - Bangladesh
Mr. Md. Nawab Yousuf Ali
East West University - Bangladesh
Dr. Jugal Krishna Das
Jahangirnagar University - Bangladesh

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