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Rule-based Information Extraction for Airplane Crashes Reports
Sarah H.Alkadi
Pages - 1 - 36     |    Revised - 01-03-2017     |    Published - 01-04-2017
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - April 2017  Table of Contents
Information Extraction, Text Mining, NLP, Airplane Crashes, Rule-Based.
Over the last two decades, the internet has gained a widespread use in various aspects of everyday living. The amount of generated data in both structured and unstructured forms has increased rapidly, posing a number of challenges. Unstructured data are hard to manage, assess, and analyse in view of decision making. Extracting information from these large volumes of data is time-consuming and requires complex analysis. Information extraction (IE) technology is part of a text-mining framework for extracting useful knowledge for further analysis.

Various competitions, conferences and research projects have accelerated the development phases of IE. This project presents in detail the main aspects of the information extraction field. It focused on specific domain: airplane crash reports. Set of reports were used from 1001 Crash website to perform the extraction tasks such as: crash site, crash date and time, departure, destination, etc. As such, the common structures and textual expressions are considered in designing the extraction rules.

The evaluation framework used to examine the system's performance is executed for both working and test texts. It shows that the system's performance in extracting entities and relations is more accurate than for events. Generally, the good results reflect the high quality and good design of the extraction rules. It can be concluded that the rule-based approach has proved its efficiency of delivering reliable results. However, this approach does require an intensive work and a cycle process of rules testing and modification.
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Mrs. Sarah H.Alkadi
College of Science and Health Professions /Basic Science Department King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Riyadh, 14611 - Saudi Arabia

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