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Further Analysis Of A Framework To Analyze Network Performance Based On Information Quality
Art Kazmierczak
Pages - 256 - 262     |    Revised - 01-11-2011     |    Published - 15-12-2011
Volume - 3   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - November / December 2011  Table of Contents
Information Quality, Information Efficiency, Network Protocols, Network Performance
Abstract In [1], Geng and Li presented a framework to analyze network performance based on information quality. In that paper, the authors based their framework on the flow of information from a Base Station (BS) to clients. The theory they established can, and needs, to be extended to accommodate for the flow of information from the clients to the BS. In this work, we use that framework and study the case of client to BS data transmission. Our work closely parallels the work of Geng and Li, we use the same notation and liberally reference their work. Keywords: information theory, information quality, network protocols, network performance
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Dr. Art Kazmierczak
NWACC - United States of America

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