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Routing in « Delay Tolerant Networks » (DTN) Improved Routing With Prophet and the Model of “Transfer by Delegation” (Custody Transfer)
El Mastapha Sammou, Abdelmounaim Abdali
Pages - 240 - 248     |    Revised - 31-01-2011     |    Published - 08-02-2011
Volume - 2   Issue - 6    |    Publication Date - January / February  Table of Contents
Delay Tolerant Networks, Routing, Simulator, DTN, Intermittent network connectivity
In this paper, we address the problem of routing in “delay tolerant networks” (DTN). In such networks there is no guarantee of finding a complete communication path connecting the source and the destination at any time, especially when the destination is not in the same region of the source, what makes the traditional routing protocols inefficient in that transmission of the messages between nodes. We propose to combine the routing protocol Prophet and the model of \"transfer by delegation\" (custody transfer) to improve the routing in DTN network and to exploit the nodes as a common carriers of messages between the network partitioned. To implement this approach and assess those improvements and changes we developed a DTN simulator. Simulation examples are illustrated in the article.
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Professor El Mastapha Sammou
University Cadi Ayyad; Faculty of Science and Technology - Morocco
Dr. Abdelmounaim Abdali
- Morocco

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