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Image Processing Technique To Detect Fish Disease
Hitesh Chakravorty, Rituraj Paul, Prodipto Das
Pages - 121 - 131     |    Revised - 31-03-2015     |    Published - 30-04-2015
Volume - 9   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - March / April 2015  Table of Contents
PCA, K-Means, HSV, Morphological Operation, Diseased Fish Images, Image Processing.
Disease is one of the major cause for fish mortality. The identification of diseased fishes are at early stage to prevent and spreading diseases. Manually detecting fish diseases are not error free. The image of the diseased fish recognise by using PCA method. In this work diseased area segmentation of fish image based on colour features with K-means clustering. HSV images and Morphological operation open for better accuracy to diseased area detection and measurement. Taken four Epizootic Ulcerative Syndrome (EUS) diseased fish images as a case study to evaluated the proposed approach. The experimental results clear indication of the effectiveness of proposed approach to improve the diseased identification with greater precision as well as correctly compute diseased area. The simulation results of this approach is encouraging.
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Mr. Hitesh Chakravorty
Assam University - India
Mr. Rituraj Paul
Computer Science Department , Assam University - India
Dr. Prodipto Das
Computer Science Department , Assam University - India