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Chaotic Block Image Scheme using Large Key Space and Message Digest Algorithm
Fahmi Nasser Ali, Mussa Mohamed Ahmed
Pages - 135 - 147     |    Revised - 31-07-2019     |    Published - 31-08-2019
Volume - 13   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2019  Table of Contents
Image Encryption, 2D-STCM, Cat Map, MD5, Confusion, Diffusion.
In this paper, chaotic block image scheme using large key space and message digest algorithm. Cat map intended for confusion and 2D-Sine Tent Composite map (2D-STCM) key generator intended for diffusion. Confusion is implemented by 2D Cat map with arbitrary block size. In the first tendency, 2D cat map use for local shuffling of indexes inside blocks, while in the second tendency, 2D cat map used for global shuffling of whole image indexes. The designed algorithm executes two confusions and one diffusion in each iteration. To increase the security level, the message digestion algorithm is used as a fingerprint for the plain image that creates the initial value of the key. After that 2D-STCM generates a large key stream. Diffusion implementation takes place by XOR operation; between a key stream and confused image. Experimental results, show that security level increases due to integration of confusion and diffusion. On the other side large key space and the high sensitivity of secret keys have been given a guarantee for the performance of the security. Performance measures reach to the top value among those in the similar researches. To verify the obtained results, authors implemented inverse chaos. All the tests are processed by MATLAB 2015a.
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Mr. Fahmi Nasser Ali
Department of information technology, University of Aden, Aden - Yemen
Dr. Mussa Mohamed Ahmed
Department of electronics and communication, University of Aden, Aden - Yemen