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Performances of Modified Diminishing Increment Sorting In Improving the Performances of Some Sorting Algorithms
Oyelami Olufemi Moses
Pages - 1 - 23     |    Revised - 31-08-2020     |    Published - 01-10-2020
Volume - 8   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - October 2020  Table of Contents
Diminishing Increment Sorting, Modified Diminishing Increment Sorting, Performance, Efficiency, Circlesort, Shellsort, Improved Shellsort, Oyelami’s Sort.
There are several sorting algorithms in existence. Some are well known while others are not so well known, but important. However, more and more are still being developed to take care of the weaknesses of the existing ones and to make sorting simpler to implement. One of such new algorithms is the Modified Diminishing Increment Sorting (MDIS). In this article, a review is carried out of this algorithm and the several existing algorithms it has been employed to improve. In addition, a variant of MDIS christened Circlesort which applies MDIS in a recursive manner is also presented. Its performance comparisons with MDIS and other notable algorithms in the best case, average case and the worst case are presented. This review will help prospective application developers that need to implement sorting determine when MDIS and its variant are strong and when the algorithms compared with them also have their own strengths so as to guide their choices.
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Associate Professor Oyelami Olufemi Moses
College of Computing and Communication Studies, Computer Science Programme, Bowen University, Iwo - Nigeria