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Using Met-modeling Graph Grammars and R-Maude to Process and Simulate LRN Models
Nardjess Dehimi, Allaoua Chaoui
Pages - 40 - 51     |    Revised - 15-03-2012     |    Published - 16-04-2012
Volume - 3   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - April 2012  Table of Contents
Modeling Mobility, Labeled Reconfigurable Nets, Graph Transformation
Nowadays, code mobility technology is one of the most attractive research domains. Numerous domains are concerned, many platforms are developed and interest applications are realized. However, the poorness of modeling languages to deal with code mobility at requirement phase has incited to suggest new formalisms. Among these, we find Labeled Reconfigurable Nets (LRN) [9], This new formalism allows explicit modeling of computational environments and processes mobility between them. it allows, in a simple and an intuitive approach, modeling mobile code paradigms (mobile agent, code on demand, remote evaluation). In this paper, we propose an approach based on the combined use of Meta-modeling and Graph Grammars to automatically generate a visual modeling tool for LRN for analysis and simulation purposes. In our approach, the UML Class diagram formalism is used to define a meta-model of LRN. The meta-modeling tool ATOM3 is used to generate a visual modeling tool according to the proposed LRN meta-model. We have also proposed a graph grammar to generate R-Maude [22] specification of the graphically specified LRN models. Then the reconfigurable rewriting logic language R-Maude is used to perform the simulation of the resulted R-Maude specification. Our approach is illustrated through examples.
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Dr. Nardjess Dehimi
- Algeria
Dr. Allaoua Chaoui
- Algeria

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