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1. The first step is to Find the Journal and refer to its subscription information and pricing.

2. Download Subscription Order Form.

3. Fill it out by providing your complete details while ensuring that you have mentioned correct postal address, contact numbers, journal name and subscription type.
(CSC Journals send subscribed copies to the mailing address provided through subscription order form.)

4. Email subscription order form to us at cscpress@cscjournals.org.

5. Upon receiving the form, we generate the invoice and send it to your registered email address that will be mentioned on Subscription Order Form.

6. Transfer the subscription fee and send us the receipt at cscpress@cscjournals.org.

7. Upon receiving the transfer receipt, we register the subscription, generate the payment receipt and send it along with the delivery schedule of the subscribed journal copies to the subscriber.


1. All subscription charges are inclusive of delivery charges.

2. In case of yearly subscription where author is entitled to receive SIX (6) copies of issue publications for the whole year. If the journal publishes less than 6 issues then author has the option to claim any previously published issue copies of the same journal to complete 6 subscribed copies. Alternatively, we send next year issue copies.

3. Cancellation request can be made only prior to shipment of first issue copy.

4. Subscription order cannot be cancel if the shipment of first issue is already dispatched to the subscriber.

5. CSC Journals will dispatch the subscribed copies only after receiving the subscription fee.

6. If subscriber does not receive issue copy, he/she shall contact CSC Journals within 14 days from the date when he received an email of dispatch from CSC Journals staff.


1. All payments shall be made by cheque, wire transfer or western union.

2. Payments should be made directly to the CSC Journals bank account.

3. Please do not forget to send the scanned copy of the transfer receipt to CSC Journals at cscpress@cscjournals.org.