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Determinants of Supply Chain Performance of Indian Manufacturing Organizations
Amit Kumar Marwah, Girish Thakar, R. C. Gupta
Pages - 14 - 27     |    Revised - 20-01-2014     |    Published - 11-02-2014
Volume - 5   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - January / February 2014  Table of Contents
SCM, Performance Measurement, Manufacturing Organizations.
This paper aims at proposing various determinants of supply chain performance of Indian manufacturing organizations. The determinants are summarized based on extensive literature review of empirical research articles on supply chain management (SCM) and performance measurement approaches. This study is a part of a larger research project exploring SC related practices. A critical analysis is carried out so as to identify research gaps in context of performance measurement of supply chains, as well as to propose directions for future research. A conceptual model is also proposed. Critical investigation of selected articles led to an idea that there can be significant effect of selected variables on SC Performance. It is to be seen that how various parameters, taken from the literature review, affect SC performance and ultimately contributing to its competitiveness. The various parameters like supplier-buyer relations, external supply chain, environmental factors, human metrics, information sharing and performance measurement approaches are taken in a single study in the context of Indian manufacturing organizations. Based on a pilot study with sample size of 100, empirical tests resulted in reduction of items. Based on the obtained results, the organizations can enhance the SCM performance by improving the current practices/strategies through focusing on the determinants that significantly influence SCM performance. Further research can be carried out by using data of various supply chains of other sectors and industries of India to generalize the research.
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Dr. Girish Thakar
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