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Offering A Model Of Evaluation Of Trust Suggesting Between Customers And E-Stores(B2C) Based On Approaches Of Fuzzy Logic.
Mehrbakhsh Nilashi, Mohammad Fathian, Mohammad Reza Gholamian , Othman Bin Ibrahim
Pages - 46 - 58     |    Revised - 30-11-2010     |    Published - 20-12-2010
Volume - 1   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - December 2010  Table of Contents
ahp, clustering, fuzzy logic, b2c
to succeed in the e-commerce depends on lots of factors; one of the important and vital ones is trust. In this Paper, we will suggest a model of Fuzzy Logical System which depicts some of the hidden relationships between the critical factors such as security, familiarity, and designing in a B2C commercial website on the one hand, and the competitive factor to other competitors on the other hand. We are going to find the impact of these factors on the decision-making process of people to buy through the B2C commercial websites, and we also will analyze how these factors influence the results of the B2C trading. The study also provides a device to sellers in order to improve their commercial websites; in addition, it provides on-line customers a helping device to buy through the commercial websites. In the study, the sample in the first questionnaire was the investigation of experts of e-commerce, and in the second one was the customers of commercial websites. Also, we have used the Expert Choice software to determine the priority of factors in the first questionnaire, and the SPSS and Excel software for sampling and analysis procedures to find the Fuzzy rules. Finally, we used the Fuzzy logical kit in the MATLAB software to analyze the factors which generate the model.
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Mr. Mehrbakhsh Nilashi
Islamic Azad University, Roudsar - Iran
Associate Professor Mohammad Fathian
Industrial Engineering Department University of Science & Technology - Iran
Associate Professor Mohammad Reza Gholamian
Industrial Engineering Department University of Science & Technology - Iran
Mr. Othman Bin Ibrahim
- Malaysia