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The Impact of Corporate Governance on Improving Overall Performance of the Companies
Najla'a ALHaj
Pages - 13 - 28     |    Revised - 28-02-2019     |    Published - 01-04-2019
Volume - 10   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - April 2019  Table of Contents
Corporate Governance, Firm Performance, Companies.
Corporate governance is recognized as one of the most important implications in building marketplace confidence. The study will assess the level of implementation of corporate governance and level of performance in seven companies from different industries in some countries. We selected seven companies (Audi Bank, Nestlé Group, Dana Gas, Medgulf, Coca Cola, SABIS, Al Baraka Banking Group) which operate in different sectors (Banking, Food and beverages, Energy, Insurance, Education, and Islamic Banking).

The result of the study shows that there is a significant relationship between corporate governance practices and companies' performance. It is expected that the findings of this research paper would contribute to improve understanding about corporate governance practices and their impacts on improving overall performance of the companies.

Results of the study shows that through appropriate application of the standards of corporate governance companies increase profitability, effectiveness and efficiency, improve their credibility, sustainability, transparency, disclosure, reputation, competitiveness and quality in all aspects and enhance management control, risk management, financial management, oversight and relations with key stakeholders such as investors, business partners, employees, customers, etc.

The study recommends that companies should implement corporate governance principles and standards in their strategy and decision making process. They should focus on board of directors, committee structure, risk management, internal audit, external audit, internal control, human capital, sustainability, social responsibility, financial management, disclosure, transparency and the rights of shareholders.
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Najla'a ALHaj
Jinan University, Lebanon - Labanon

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